Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Schaeffer Mclean - Skate Video Finalist SKATE BELIEVE - NYJAH HUSTONE

Schaeffer Mclean's latest adventures caught on YouTube :-)

Schaeffer says:
"Our Entry to the Skate Video Competition FixUP DIYBristol. We came 4th out of 16. Rules: make a video 3 days, I was suffered an injury in the weeks beforehand, so we had to find a stunt double to film my skateparts. This left us just one day to film and make this Vid. Many thanks to Rafferty Maitland King for being my stunt double. Nyjah's voiceover by Khiry Tha Young Prod'G. Main Skater Jeb Burns, and Ollie Pillinger my Skatepal. Rafferty performed the Big Three and Jeb performed the Double Kickflip in my shoes.... about 4 sizes smaller than his own... big props to them both, and Ollie for being such a talented Actor!! Thanks for watching. #nyjahhustone #tonyhawktoast"

Well done on placing fourth Schaeffer, that's quite an achievement!
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