Friday, 12 June 2015

SMB proud to support Go Longboard Day 2015...

Time for the annual Go Longboard Day
We're delighted to be involved & have donated a few prizes for the big day.

Organiser Ben Stainer says:

"The plan is actuallyfor there to be three events in one day:

Meet at the pavilion in Victoria park at 11:00, from there its making the small trip to the dancing spot, where their will be a longboard dance/flatland contest with various prizes, starting around 13:00 and ending around 13:30 (prizes to be announced)

The second event is a push race, much like APN did at Victoria park in 2012. A loop where the start is the finish, with prizes and little need to have a leg day

Image courtesy of Shove-it mag
The third event will be at Greenwich park, at a place called lovers lane for a slide Jam. Greenwich park is fairly easy to reach from Victoria park, several options will be posted in more detail below


To push to the Nearest DLR station (Bow Church), head straight towards Mile end tube station. at the main road, turn left and continue along, past mile end and Bow road tube stations. Bow Church DLR will be just after Bow Road tube station


227 from stop W (just outside of the entrance closest to the pavillion) to WESTFERRY DLR

D6 from Stop Y outside of St Barnabas church (Going back towards mile end station) and get of at UNIVERSITY OF CUMBRIA IN LONDON. Westferry DLR is a 5 minute walk away

Once on the DLR, head towards Lewisham and alight at CUTTY SARK. Follow the signs to greenwich park.

The slide jam will be happening around 16:30, to compensate for the tube being as reliable as political promises made in the election in May.

The slide Jam will be in two categories
Soft wheel (under 90a)
Hard wheel/tech slide (over 90a)

Any questions, do not hesitate to message me (Ben Stainer) about transport, suggestions etc

If your skate company wants to Sponsor go longboard day, please contact us!

Hope you can come down and meet the melting pot that is the longboard community!

Sponsors will be announced as soon as they come through!

SMB Bearings (that's us!)
Slide Perfect Wheels

Cover photo credit to April Whitlow
Shove it Mag:

We wish all participants (& of course the dedicated organisers) every success with this event - it's sure to be great fun!  Find out more at the event's Facebook page.
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