Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Schaeffer Mclean video diaries...

Schaeffer Mclean has been a very busy skateboarder lately! Here's a selection of his latest videos, showing all the action...

"We had just two hours to stop by a town, and we challenged ourselves to visit all the street spots we could. Here's what happened":

"After a long break from attempting it, Schaeffer went back to land the Big Three at Lloyds in Bristol. The Big Three is a legendary Skatespot and very huge. He landed it and this is what happened":

"New Skatepark built by Maverick Industries in Dunstable. This was the Official Opening Day and Skate Jam in March 2015 and here are a few quick clips of Schaeffer skating in the Under 16s Street Competition. He wins a Santa Cruz Board for his 50-50 trick on the curved ledge 180 out":

Keep up to date with Schaeffer via YouTube, Facebook & Instagram - this young man is a skateboarding legend & so talented you'll be addicted before you know it! :-)

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