Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Aaron Skippings, Downhill Skate season round-up...

 Aaron Skippings & his exploits (both on & off his board) have been keeping us entertained for years now, so we were delighted to receive a 2013 skate season update from him - he's been pretty busy on the European downhill circuit this year:

"As I type this memory from summer and everything floods back to me I really do realise how much I love skating. The best parts of my life so far have been skating and the friends I have met through it. Also the countries i have visited because of skating - stuff like this makes me feel so good about myself . I've done something that I can look back on in 30-40 years and say that was my life then and it was sick!

Aaron, pictured left

But anyway enough of that! My summer was sick and this was what I did...
The plan was a skate tour. Hit up Switzerland and shred for a bit before heading off for Almabtrieb skating championships in Germany host by the awesome Stephan Risch (makes awesome helmets). we travelled there in a rented minivan - the crew was Josh Monk, Oli Jepson, Kami San, Dan Shinnie, Duncan Kay, Oliver Slaughter, Chloe Blount, Estelle Solkhon,kessa.  Some of us travelled in the mini van and some others in Oli Jepson's car.  Pretty much the Newtons Shred crew!! (sick skate shop!) . Switzerland was a dream!  I had been here in 2010 and was itching to go back. The skate spot we hit had so many turns I lost count. It was really good for skate progression i.e. speed,slides etc.  Our camp location was truly staggering, a campsite with mountains surrounding you everywhere - what's not to love ? Also a massive lake, complete with diving board....this was heaven.

After a few days in Switzerland it was time to leave for Germany . Again I had been to Almabtrieb in 2010 and loved it . 60 m.p.h. hills with sweeping turns is what its all about . A good track for beginners who really wanna hit the big bucks and shred a fast hill. The race format was really well thought out as we had to race to qualify, instead of doing 1 or 2 timed runs and not qualifying and feeling crap the next day as everyone raced and you did nothing. We had around 9 races to qualify which for 200 odd riders is a hell of alot of riding. I managed to finish 2nd in all but 1 of my heats so I placed pretty high up and secured my place for the finals the next day.   The finals didn't go so well but I wasn't too bothered.  The race to qualify was what it was all about . Everyone got to race and gain experience for next time. It truly did set the bar for how skate events should be run. Stephan promised and didn't disappoint. The euro trip was over and everyone was shattered. The only bad time was coming home and it was 800 miles over 5 countries in 17 hours!!!

Thanks to my sponsors:
Newtons shred, PSD Footstops, Riptide Bushings, 9.81 Swiss boards, crash test dummie pucks  & BANDITOS.

Also massive thanks to SMB Bearings for keeping me rolling down them hills! Truly awesome bearings!
Aaron over and out".

Thanks so much Aaron, we're thrilled to be supporting you 
& glad to have been a small part of your European tour in 2013.
We're looking forward to keeping you rolling harder & faster in 2014!

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