Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pro skater Doug Brown...

We've had a news update from our friend Doug Brown, pro skater:

"Greetings Everyone,
Summer 2012 has really shaped up to be a great productive summer with lots of events and travels.

I must be doing something right as the new book is selling well and this is my tenth year as a professional skateboarder.

I never thought the summer of 2002 at a chance meeting at the Gravity Games would open the door for paying sponsors,

a book deal, travels, events and so much more. Last week I flew to Connecticut for what we've labeled the philanthropy tour.

View the video diary here:

Also the story behind my new pro model with Outbreak Skateboards

View here:

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Order books direct at:


Thanks everyone for the support, lots ahead. Stay positive and keep being yourself.



Thanks for all the news Doug, much appreciated!
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