Friday, 5 August 2011

SMB Bearings review from Aaron Skippings, downhill skater...

Thanks so much to Aaron Skippings for his fantastic review of our products - it's always great to hear that our bearings are a real help to competitive skaters, gravity sports exponents, cyclists & more.  Here's what Aaron had to say:

Skate Bearing

Ceramic hybrid skate bearing

"SMB Bearings are an awesome bearing company from Brize Norton in the UK , these guys have been hooking me up with bearings for skating use , in the picture above on the left is a standard skate bearing from smb and on the right is the ceramic version . As soon as i used these i knew i liked them , they run super smooth and dont make noises or rattles . The bearings are also pretty good at holding the water out if you decide to ride in wet conditions.  I took a few sets of these bearings away with me on the euro tour, i wanted something decent for the world cup races and smb showed me the way. The ceramic versions i especially love as the smoothness of the bearing is at a super high level , no noises and no nonsense from smb again. its hard to say if there is a speed difference between the ceramic and the standard either way i couldnt tell but you know the quality is much higher in ceramics.There super kool bunch of guys have definatly created a brilliant bearing and i hope that other skaters from the uk and even global try these bad boys out , because i gurantee once these bearings are in your wheels ,you'll be riding faster!

Thanks so much for the high praise Aaron - we've put a lot of work into finding the best quality, genuine skate bearings around - we've lots of technical info on them at our website & we also tell you how to care & maintain your bearings for the best performance.

To keep up-to-date with Aaron, check out his blog & of course we'll update you when we have news of his latest exploits to share :0)
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