Tuesday, 12 July 2011

SMB Skate Crew update...

SMB Bearings is proud to sponsor an AMAZING bunch of riders & we are delighted to bring you some of their latest news:

Welcome to John Griffiths, UK downhill skateboarder:

John will be travelling to Europe this year to race Kozakov and Insul on the IGSA European tour and hopes to do well. John says "I have been riding downhill for three years now and have competed successfully on an national and international level, heres a list of my results so far:

3rd - Festival longboarderz in portugal
1st - Marignar outlaw
1st - Bo peep outlaw
2nd - Sheepy outlaw
3rd - Bo peep crash & burn "

We look forward to following John's progress closely :0)

New videos from our Bristol crew - Shannon Francis, stunt scooter rider:

& Schaeffer Mclean, 7 year-old skateboarder:

Aaron Skippings has just announced a new blog, so that we can all keep up with his exploits... check it out here

Gravity sports "Team for Ride" won out at last weekend's Familia Challenge in France - Marie stole the show for the ladies, bagging 1st place

And buttboarding we have Fabien at the front & Thibaut bringing up the rear in their race at the Familia...

Tony Leard, US skateboarder & awesome graphic designer, has been a real treat for us - proactive, helpful & talented, he's produced some great graphics to support the SMB Skate Crew & here are the results so far:

Thanks to you all - we are so pleased (& a little bit awed) to be represented by such a talented bunch of riders!

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