Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Icy weather posing difficulties for fishing enthusiasts...

Elton at Angler's Net has featured the following article:

"We seem to have been very fortunate here in East Anglia, as the weather has been fairly mild in comparison to much of the country.

However, I don't think our friends in the frozen north can claim to have experienced anything quite as drastic as this short clip below, which shows a LOT of carp sitting under what is said to be 18” of thick ice. Given that the area is carpeted in carp, and is said to be the size of a football field, we can only guess that there must be thousands of carp waiting under the ice there.

I should point out that you should NEVER attempt to walk on ice in the UK. Every year, people lose their lives as a result.

I'm not entirely sure where this lake is, but judging by the sheer volume of carp and the fact that no food will have fallen from the sky for them for quite some time, I reckon even MY bite alarms might scream into action if I got to fish it after a thaw!"

What an amazing clip - there is also the news of a very warm January on the cards so there should be no excuse but to go out & get fishing this weekend :0)

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