Friday, 19 March 2010

SMB sponsors Keith O'Leary

SMB are delighted to announce that we're sponsoring Keith O'Leary in the upcoming Skaiti event.  Keith is skating to raise money for disaster relief in Haiti.  He is very ambitiously planning to skate for a minimum of 150 miles or for around 20 hours - either way it is a MASSIVE challenge & we wish him every success.

The event's organisers have put together an amazing event...

"We're going to be skating around the clock! 250 Longboarders, skateboarders, inliners, and rollerskaters will be coming together to skate at SKAITI - a 24 hour event being hosted at Dunsfold Park in Surrey... on the famous test track featured on the BBC's TOP GEAR.  SKAITI’S aim is to raise as much money as possible to help with the disaster relief efforts following the earthquake in Haiti. We're going to push off at NOON on SATURDAY the 10th of APRIL and we'll be coasting to the finish at noon the following day.

SKATERS of all kinds will be there: young, old, families, longboarders, street skaters, slalomers, inliners, rollerbladers, rollerskaters... all sorts! Help us make this a huge fundraising success, by offering us your support.

ALL SPONSORSHIP MONEY will be donated to SHELTERBOX. Shelterbox is an international disaster relief charity that provides emergency shelter to those affected by disaster worldwide. You can find out more about Shelterbox and its work in Haiti at

PLEASE HELP. You can support us by donating, or by sponsoring a skater via the Skaiti JustGiving page...
PLEASE SEND THE JUSTGIVING LINK to all your friends, family, and colleagues asking them to give what they can.

SPREAD THE WORD about supporting the event! Please post a link to this site into your Facebook profile, Bebo, Twitter and any forums that you use. If you have any questions about Skaiti please don’t hesitate to contact me at "

We would like to wish organisers & participants alike every success with this mighty challenge - best of luck to you all!  Even if you can't go along to support the event, you can pick up lots of lovely merchandise from the Skaiti website - their t-shirt is shown above.

We will, of course, update you on Keith's progress after the event.
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