Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Joe Baldwin bags first place at Fumble in the Valley...

Our friend Joe Baldwin was in action at the weekend, racing in Welsh downhill competition Fumble In The Valley...

Joe says:
"I took first place at the first UK race of the year in Wales this weekend!  Racing in a blizzard!!
Horse poo, grit & ice haven't managed to cease your bearings"
Joe styles it out on the podium (pub chair) top spot! Photo by willedgecom.be
Thanks for the big up Joe - I have to stress, we don't normally recommend horse poo, grit & ice as the optimum conditions for bearings maintenance!!  If you'd like to learn how to clean your skate bearings after a hellish weekend's action on the slopes, click here & read on...

In other news, the international sensation & superstar Marie Bougourd (aka SpokyWoky) came second at the famous Guajataca Downhill race in Puerto Rico last weekend - an amazing way to kick of the 2015 race season... you GO girl!!

Spoky Woky (far right) at the starting line in Puerto Rico last weekend

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