Friday, 2 August 2013

Harry Redstone - BRCA Rallycross Championship 2013

We'd like to wish Harry Redstone the very best of luck for this coming weekend - he's taking part in the fourth round of the BRCA Rallycross Championship 2013, being held in Bromsgrove this weekend.

Harry has been racing for a number of years, on a local & regional level, with great success but he is new to the national competition this year & it's been a bit of a steep learning curve. Harry says "Yeah its alot harder and alot more serious - you've got to move out the way for faster drivers and stuff. And tracks are highly prepped so it's a lot better - there are referees as well, so say your driving bad they'll tell you to calm your driving and if you take someone out you get a championship warning :-) !!"

Harry has learnt fast though & has improved his rankings meet on meet. Of the coming weekend Harry is pretty philosophical... "I'll be happy if I beat my last race, which was 78th place - I've gradually got better, first national I came 124th, second I came 80 something and third I came 78th" So by the fifth & final round of the BRCA Rallycross Championship this year we reckon Harry could well be on the podium!!

Good luck to Harry & all those taking part - have a great weekend of racing.

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