Friday, 5 July 2013

Spoky Woky's downhill skate tour continues...

French downhill skater Spoky Woky (aka Marie Bougourd) has been road-trippin' around the US of A in recent weeks.  The inaugural Angie's Curves race, set in beautiful Pala, California USA, took place a couple of  weekends ago. 

See some of the action here:

Angie's Curves is a certified event on the International Downhill Federation's pro circuit and set the precedent for all other races to come. The race was a three day event that started on Friday, June 21st & it was clear from day one that Angie's Curves would provide one of the fastest, most challenging, and strategically demanding courses to date. The Angie's Curves event culminated in finals between Sector 9 team riders Ricardo Reis and Chance Gaul, as well as Arbor riders James Kelly, and Duke Degen. James Kelly ended up claiming victory with the fastest time of 1:50.404. Duke Degen took 2nd and Ricardo Reis came in 3rd.

Spoky Woky (aka Marie Bougourd) competing
 Our friend Spoky Woky took part in the Angie's Curve melee, but the course wasn't kind to her & she crashed out. She did really well at Maryhill Festival of Speed last weekend however, placing an awesome 2nd in the women's competition...

Check out the lovely Spoky Woky (pictured right) taking 2nd place at Maryhill - YEAY!

Of the Maryhill competition Spoky says "Well here was the thing - 20 girls would be fighting on that road called Maryhill Loops . I had no idea on how the race will go on . All the girls felt pretty comfortable on that road - the few things you have to do is close the doors if you’re in front and draft and take the line if you’re behind … looks simple but not that much when you’re racing aggressive ladies !!  To be honest i was super happy to be in the final - I said to myself, keep going , stay safe , wait for a open door". 

Part of the imposing Maryhill course...
There was a big crash on the final race but Spoky managed to keep clear of the danger... "At the start line the heat was a its top , all girls breathing hard , feeling heavy … i thought i was in a nightmare waiting for the start.  … girls were riding super close to each other , it was very hard to find a room to pass them , then suddenly in a straight line i saw Georgie and Amanda just throwing themselves on the ground , taking katy down in the same time. I just had the time to slide and avoid the girls which were sliding their leathers on the asphalt , while Elena who was beside the crash passed through and get a large advance to take the win. Me and katy pushed after that violent stop , the other girls searching their boards on the road side. Well , that was not what i expected as final heat but this is racing babies! you never can say what would happen in each heats , even more when the level is super tight like this!" 

What excitement & what skill to finish on the podium in such a strong international field.  We hope that Spoky Woky has even better luck at the Whistler Longboard Festival in Canada this weekend.

Go Marie, we love you!!


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