Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Gravity sports update - Vive La France!!

Well, what a weekend for our French gravity sports team! 

Philippe & Marie - victors at Rigalet! 
Awesome picture courtesy of Goat Longboards

Philippe Dupuy & Marie Bougourd took the number one podium places at the Rigalet downhill challenge. 

Marie (aka Spoky Woky) was admittedly a little disappointed to be the only female rider in the competition, but gave the men a serious run for their money & placed twelth overall...

Marie on the podium

& Alexandre Lebrun grabbed the number 2 spot at the Italian World Cup IIda Cisterna D'Asti event.

Alexandre's podium moment in Italy

We are so proud of you guys (and so pleased to see that you all bagged some wine as a prize)!!  Now the season is off to a flying start for sure & we'll look forward to brings you more news asap.

Interested in trying gravity sports yourself?  Find out more from the IGSA...

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