Monday, 8 June 2009

New this week...

We present the latest in mobile technology for your bike...I bet this costume seemed like a really good idea at the start of the race...
This guy's name is Bodge & he is pictured participating in a US road race this weekend.

The we move on to Japan & a man who has, in all seriousness, strapped a gas barbecue to his bike... mmmm!

What else would you do with your bike rack eh, except turn it into a potentially lethal death-trap?! Still, I suppose some people live for adrenaline...


Closer to home, this weekend also saw the annual Smithfield Nocturne Bike races in London.

We present to you the "Commuter Race".

The competitors, dressed in business attire wait 30m away from their folded bikes & at the drop of the British Flag, the competitors have to run to their steeds building them as fast as they can and setting off on a 5 lap dash around Smithfield. In true commuter spirit, winner takes all - there’s no second chance when it comes to catching your train… There is fierce competition, barging and even a little cheating as our commuters race to prove their skills.

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